Thursday, August 17, 2017

They're Back --- The Band of the Fighting Irish!

The Notre Dame Trail --- Day #5 Update

The pilgrims have covered 124 miles over the first five days of the Notre Dame Trail -- they finish on Saturday, August 26th.  A day we're encouraging everyone to walk the final few steps from downtown South Bend to the Notre Dame campus!

Here's the latest from WNDU:




Nolan Interviews Assistant Football Coaches

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Nolan Interviews ND Football Coaches Today

Aerial Look at the New Notre Dame Stadium

Wisconsin Grad -- Calls Out the Badger Nation!

I love this story -- Madison Police Chief Mike Koval -- a Notre Dame Dad, Superfan -- and, a Wisconsin alum -- calls out the Badger Nation!  See the video below!

Mike's son Riley (ND Law Grad) works with me here at Notre Dame. 



Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Visitors' Entrance to Notre Dame Stadium

Fox Sports Ohio: DeShone Kizer Interview...

DeShone talks about playing QB at Notre Dame and how it prepares you for the NFL...

Browns' QB Coach Discusses DeShone Kizer

Jaylon Smith to Play First NFL Game Saturday

Great news from Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones this evening...


The Most Valued Tickets in College Football

The folks at TickPick sent me this information on the latest pricing of football tickets in the secondary markets.

Once again -- Notre Dame football is part of the MOST VALUED TICKET in college football this year -- and it's not even close...

To put this in perspective:
  • You could buy a ticket to Florida State vs. Alabama and Michigan vs. Ohio State and still not spend what it would cost to buy a ticket to Georgia vs. Notre Dame.
  • You could buy a ticket to Alabama vs. Auburn, Michigan State vs. Michigan and Clemson vs. Auburn -- and still not spend what it would cost to buy a ticket to Georgia vs. Notre Dame
  • You could buy TWO tickets to Ohio State vs. Michigan, and ONE ticket to Michigan State vs. Michigan -- and still not spend what it would cost to buy a ticket to Georgia vs. Notre Dame

  1. Georgia at Notre Dame:  $1,654.72
  2. Florida State at Alabama:  $1,026.54
  3. Ohio State at Michigan:  $599.63
  4. Navy vs. Army:  $567.76
  5. Florida at Georgia:  $532.68
  6. USC at Notre Dame:  $521.57
  7. Oklahoma at Texas:  $469.38
  8. Alabama at Auburn:  $464.63
  9. Michigan State at Michigan:  $424.73
  10. Clemson at Auburn:  $418.79

Day #2 Notre Dame Trail -- WNDU's Report

On day #2 -- the pilgrims on the Notre Dame Trail walked 19.1 miles...


Monday, August 14, 2017

NBC Names Tirico the Voice of ND Football

The talented broadcaster takes the place of Dan Hicks...


Governor of Indiana Kicks off Notre Dame Trail

The 319 mile journey from Vincennes, IN to the campus of the University of Notre Dame -- began last evening with a 1.7 mile walk with Indiana's Governor Holcomb.



Sunday, August 13, 2017

New Tunnel Signage for Notre Dame Football

I'm hoping this new "HERE COME THE IRISH" signage is "back lit" and lights up during night games.

That would be a nice addition.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Coach Brian Kelly's Media Session Today

Friday, August 11, 2017

Notre Dame Stadium Opened up to Media Today

Here's a few more reports from today's tour of Notre Dame Stadium for the local media:

LINK:  ABC57 #1

LINK:  ABC57 #2


The Fighting Irish React to New Game Day Digs

Kizer's Media Session After Exhibition Game #1

Kizer being "groomed to be the Brown's franchise QB -- STORY

Thursday, August 10, 2017

DeShone Kizer's First NFL Exhibition TD Pass

His first NFL game winner -- 4th and 2 with 1:57 left in the game.   Browns beat the Saints 20 to 14!

Does Cleveland finally have a QB!

DeShone dominated the passing stats for the Browns tonight:
  • Kizer:  11 for 18 = 184 yards and a TD pass!
  • Kessler:  5 for 10 = 47 yards
  • Osweiller:  6 for 14 = 42 yards 
In addition -- Kizer led the Browns' QB's with 12 yards rushing.