Sunday, October 22, 2017

Brian Kelly Talks BIG WIN Over USC Tonight!

USC's Helton Talks About Loss to Notre Dame

Notre Dame Players Interviewed After USC Win

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Notre Dame Players Jump Into Student Section

The Band Chicago Plays at Notre Dame Stadium

Brandon Wimbush Talks Big Win Over USC

Notre Dame 49 -- USC 14 -- HUGE WIN!

Drummer's Circle at Notre Dame Last Night

USC Freshman "D" Tackle Talks First Start

Notre Dame Men's Basketball Plays Holy Cross

Friday, October 20, 2017

NBC Promo: #13 USC vs. #11 Notre Dame

USC Head Coach After Thursday's Practice

MEDIA Predictions: USC vs. Notre Dame

Took a lap around the worldwide web (over lunch) to see what the media experts are predicting as the outcome for Saturday night's PRIME TIME matchup between the #11 USC Trojans and our #13 Fighting Irish of Notre Dame;






"I Play Football for Notre Dame..."

USC's Head Coach Talks Notre Dame Game

Notre Dame Players Talk Saturday's USC Game

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Domer Connaughton Leads Trail Blazers to Win!

Not a bad start!  

A NBA career high 24 point performance for the former Fighting Irish star on opening night of the 2017-18 season!

The Trail Blazers 124 - 76 victory over the Phoenix Suns was the largest point differential in NBA history for an opening night game.



Update from USC's Wednesday Practice

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Onward: USC vs. Notre Dame Rivalry

Update from USC's Tuesday Football Practice

CBS Sports' Analysts Talk USC vs Notre Dame

Just a FYI:  All four of them picked us to beat Georgia...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Brian Kelly Meets with Media About USC Game

USC Week: Clay Helton Radio Interview on ND

Week 8 AP Voters -- Where They Ranked ND

Here's a very quick analysis of the AP Vote for week 8 of the college football season -- as it pertains to our favorite team, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

Highest ranking given to Notre Dame this week:
  • 6th -- Jason Galloway, Wisconsin State-Journal

Total number of AP Voters who placed Notre Dame in its Top 10 this week:
  • 15 AP voters -- of the 61 AP voters

Lowest ranking given to Notre Dame this week:
  • 19th -- Jerry DiPaola, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 


NBA's Opening Night for (4) Former Irish Stars

There are four former Fighting Irish basketball stars on NBA rosters;

*Denotes -- signed a two-way contract, between NBA club and NBA G League club

USC Week: Clay Helton's Sunday Media Call

USC's head football coach Clay Helton met with the media Sunday -- takes questions on game with Notre Dame...


Monday, October 16, 2017

OT: California Fires, Devastation Beyond Belief

Updated National Rankings: Notre Dame Teams

Took a lap around the "ranking landscape" to see how our Fighting Irish teams are ranked this week: 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

#13 Fighting Irish are the 2nd Highest Ranked...

Team that wasn't ranked in the AP's pre-season poll...

Only TCU is ranked higher.


Domer Golden Tate Taking it to the House!

Domer Jac Collinsworth Pranks Rex Ryan

Domer's Grandson Rushes for 272 Yards for BC

Thom Gatewood's grandson A.J. Dillon -- put on a show yesterday for the Boston College Eagles...

Notre Dame the "Sixth Ranked One Loss Team"

The Football Writers Association of America released their SUPER 16 this morning and they ranked Notre Dame #13 -- ranking five other teams with one-loss ahead of them.  Here are those teams -- along with Notre Dame and the team that beat them this season, game score and location:

#6 Ohio State:
  • Lost to #8 Oklahoma 31 - 16 at home

#7 Clemson:
  • Lost to un-ranked (3-3) Syracuse 27 - 24 on the road 

#10 Oklahoma State:
  • Lost to #4 TCU 44 - 31 at home  

#11 Washington:
  • Lost to un-ranked (3-3) Arizona State 13 - 7 on the road

#12 USC:
  • Lost to #14 Washington State 30 - 27 on the road       

  • Lost to #2 Georgia 20 - 19 at home


OT: WMU's Football Field is Under Water

The Western Michigan Broncos were scheduled to play their homecoming game yesterday but thunderstorms and torrential rain forced the re-scheduling to today at 1 PM.

More than 8" of rain fell yesterday -- more today!

Today's update...



Most Difficult Six Week Stretch in ND History?

USC: 6 - 1



MIAMI:  5 - 0

NAVY: 5 - 1


Anders Bjork Scores First NHL Goal Last Night!

The former Notre Dame All-American, who left early for the NHL -- is off to a good start with his professional career!

It's That Time of Year Again: USC WEEK

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Top 25 FBS Teams With Losses this Week...

Well, it's been another crazy week of teams ranked among the TOP 25 losing football games:
  • Clemson
  • Washington
  • Washington State
  • Auburn
  • San Diego State
  • Texas Tech
  • Naval Academy

Do the Fighting Irish move up in the rankings tomorrow?

Chip Kelly High on Notre Dame's Playoff Hopes

The former Oregon coach ranks the IRISH as the #5 team...

ND Hockey Mom -- on Harry Connick Jr. Show

Manon Rheaume -- the mother of Notre Dame goalie Dylan St. Cyr -- just happens to be the first woman to ever play in a National Hockey League game...

Friday, October 13, 2017

NCAA Makes Its Determination on Carolina...

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Five With Ties to ND on NCAA Commission

The FBI's investigation of bribery in college basketball has led to the NCAA forming a commission to look into the situation.  Five members of the Commission have ties to the University of Notre Dame...


CBS Projects College Football Playoff Ranking

Guess where Notre Dame is ranked...

The first CFP Ranking comes out on Halloween -- Tuesday, October 31st.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Can Notre Dame Create "A Nightmare Scenario"

Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples looks at Notre Dame's remaining six games...


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

OT: I Might Be Alone Here, But I Love These!

This is the new uniform, helmet, shoe, base layer, glove and sock combo that Nike designed for the Florida Gators to wear this Saturday against Texas A&M...

My teammates at Notre Dame hated it --- I LOVE IT!

Yahoo Sports' Forde Ranks "One Loss" Teams

One guess on who's ranked higher than Ohio State, Auburn, USC and Oklahoma...


Monday, October 9, 2017

OT: This is How You Tell a Story...

DeShone Kizer Talks About Sunday's Game

Learning the ropes in the NFL -- not an easy thing to do...

Sunday, October 8, 2017

The AP Top 25 / Analysis of Schedule Strength

Here's a look at the AP Top 25 -- see below -- and how many games each of these teams will play this season against the current ranked teams.

Bottom Line:  The University of Notre Dame has the most difficult path to the College Football Playoff -- and it's not even close...
  1. Alabama:  1 game 
  2. Clemson:  3 games 
  3. Penn State:  3 games
  4. Georgia:  2 games
  5. Washington:  2 games
  6. Texas Christian University:  3 games
  7. Wisconsin:  1 game
  8. Washington State:  3 games
  9. Ohio State:  4 games
  10. Auburn:  3 games
  11. Miami:  2 games
  12. Oklahoma:  4 games
  13. University of Southern California:  3 games
  14. Oklahoma State:  2 games
  15. Virginia Tech:  2 games
  17. Michigan:  3 games
  18. South Florida:  1 game
  19. San Diego State:  1 game
  20. North Carolina State:  2 games
  21. Michigan State:  4 games
  22. University of Central Florida:  2 games
  23. Stanford University:  5 games
  24. Texas Tech:  3 games
  25. Naval Academy:  2 games

Tar Heels' Fedora Talks Loss to Notre Dame

One Loss Teams Ranked Ahead of Notre Dame

Here's a look at the EIGHT one-loss teams ranked ahead of Notre Dame in the AP POLL -- this morning.  Looking forward to seeing where Notre Dame will be ranked when the AP Poll comes out this afternoon...

#3:  OKLAHOMA: 4 - 1
  • Wins over teams with winning records; Ohio State and Tulane
  • Loss at home to Iowa State (38 - 31)
  • Road wins:  Ohio State and Baylor
  • Opponents' record so far:  11 - 16

# 7:  MICHIGAN:  4 - 1
  • Wins over teams with winning records;  Florida and Purdue
  • Loss at home to Michigan State (14 - 10)
  • Road wins:  Florida (neutral site) and Purdue
  • Opponents' record so far: 13 - 13
  • Common opponent with ND:  Loss to Michigan State 14 - 10

#10:  OHIO STATE:  5 - 1
  • Wins over teams with winning records;  Indiana, Army and Maryland
  • Loss at home to Oklahoma (31 - 16)
  • Road wins: Indiana and Rutgers
  • Opponents' record so far: 16 - 10

#12:  AUBURN:  5 - 1
  • Wins over teams with winning records;  Mississippi State
  • Loss at Clemson  (14 - 6)
  • Road wins:  Missouri
  • Opponents' record so far: 15 - 16

#14:  USC:  5 - 1
  • Wins over teams with winning records;  Western Michigan, Stanford, Texas, 
  • Loss at Washington State  (30 - 27)
  • Road wins:  California
  • Opponents' record so far: 21 - 14

#15:  OKLAHOMA STATE:  4 - 1
  • Wins over teams with winning records;  Texas Tech
  • Loss at home to Texas Christian University (44 - 31)
  • Road wins:  South Alabama and Pittsburgh
  • Opponents' record so far:  13 - 14    

#16:  VIRGINIA TECH:  5 - 1
  • Wins over teams with winning records;  West Virginia and Delaware
  • Loss at Clemson  (31 - 17)
  • Road wins:  East Carolina and Boston College
  • Opponents' record so far:  17 - 14
  • Common opponent with ND:  Beat BC on road 23 - 10

#20:  UTAH:  4 - 1
  • Wins over teams with winning records;  Arizona
  • Loss at home to Stanford  (23 - 20)
  • Road wins:  BYU
  • Opponents' record far:  11 - 19 

#21:  NOTRE DAME:  5 - 1
  • Wins over teams with winning records;  Michigan State
  • Loss at home to Georgia  (20 - 19)
  • Road wins:  Boston College, Michigan State and North Carolina
  • Opponents' record so far:  18 - 17 

Notre Dame's future opponents are 27 - 6, has to be the toughest remaining schedule in college football.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Highlights: Notre Dame 33 - UNC 10

We're 5 - 1 With a Very Difficult Schedule Ahead

Here's what the remaining six games look like -- these teams are a combined 27 - 6 as of this very moment.  Has to be the most difficult remaining schedule in college football:
  • October 21:  University of Southern California -- ranked #14 / 5-1
  • October 28:  North Carolina State -- ranked #24 / 5-1
  • November 4:  Wake Forest -- not ranked / 4-2
  • November 11:  @ Miami (FL) -- #13 / 4-0
  • November 18: Navy -- not ranked / 5-0
  • November 25: @ Stanford -- not ranked / 3-2

Win out and we're playing in the College Football Playoff!

Brian Kelly Talks About Another Big Road Win

Fr. Jenkins' Statement on the HHS Mandate

Notre Dame president Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C. -- released this statement concerning the Trump Administration's decision to roll back the birth control mandate.  The University had joined a lawsuit back in 2013 seeking relief from this federal mandate.



Notre Dame's Snead Reappointed by Pope

Carter Snead, the William P. and Hazel B. White Director for Notre Dame's Center for Ethics and Culture was just reappointed this week by Pope Francis as a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life...


The Irish Beat #5 Ranked Clemson Last Night!

Will Ian Book Get His First Start at Notre Dame?

We saw glimpses of this young man's talent in the Blue-Gold Game -- will we see him leading the Irish today?

Friday, October 6, 2017

If You're Going to ND's Game Against Miami FL

Be sure to sign-up and attend one or more of these Notre Dame Club of Miami events -- should be great fun!

Go to this website for all of the details:  ND VISITS MIAMI

THURSDAY -- November 9th
  • Hesburgh Lecture

FRIDAY -- November 10th
  • 3rd Annual Golf Classic and Reception
  • Beach Clean-up Service Project
  • Private Dinner at Joe's Stone Crab
  • Notre Dame Social Hour and PEP RALLY

SATURDAY -- November 11th 
  • Yoga at Sunrise
  • Game Day Transportation from Miami Beach to Stadium
  • Pre-Game Official Tailgate Party
  • ND vs. MIAMI football game

Thursday, October 5, 2017

ND's Anders Bjork Scores First NHL Point!

In his first NHL game -- former Notre Dame All-American Anders Bjork (#10) scores his first NHL point for the Boston Bruins on an assist on this goal by Jake DeBrusk --who scored his first NHL goal!

Brian Kelly's Final Presser Before UNC Game

Notre Dame Athletics' Team National Rankings

Took a lap around the "ranking landscape" to see where Notre Dame's athletic teams are ranked;

#5:  Women's Basketball
#7:  Men's Soccer
#8:  Hockey
#13:  Women's Soccer
#14:  Men's Basketball
#17:  Men's Swimming
#21:  Football
#25:  Women's Swimming
#26:  Women's Volleyball

The Fighting Irish Getting Ready for Tar Heels

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tar Heels' Fedora Talks Notre Dame Game

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Only 17 Undefeated FBS Teams Remain...

Here's the list of the 17 FBS teams that remain undefeated...


Coach Kelly Talks Tar Heels & Wimbush Injury

Monday, October 2, 2017

Mike Brey's Season Opening Media Session

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Notre Dame Moves Up to #21 in AP Media Poll

Last week, 16 AP voters did not have Notre Dame in their top 25.

This week, every voter had the Fighting Irish ranked...

What didn't make sense to me was a few "moved Notre Dame down" -- after yesterday's convincing win over Miami of Ohio.


Another 'Helmet to Helmet" Hit Not Called...

Notre Dame running back Tony Jones, Jr. lost a great deal of his helmet paint on a direct "helmet to helmet" hit -- and it wasn't called.

Since this rule went into affect -- where a replay official could make the call -- it was reported that Notre Dame has lost SEVEN PLAYERS to ejection.  Our opponents, have lost just ONE.

Miami's Chuck Martin Talks Loss to Notre Dame

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Win #900 Tonight for Notre Dame Football!

ND Players Talk About Big Win Over Miami OH

Brian Kelly Talks 52 - 17 Win Over Miami OH

360 Degree Photo Inside Notre Dame Stadium

Click on the FACEBOOK icon in the upper right corner -- will take you to the 360 photo...

Notre Dame Rolls 52 - 17 Over Miami OH

Friday, September 29, 2017

Miami of Ohio's New Football Look for ND

Notre Dame Baseball's New Digs...

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Brian Kelly Meets With Media After Practice

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

New Hotel Opens Up in Downtown South Bend

Miami of Ohio Players Talk Notre Dame Game

Notre Dame Players Talk Miami of Ohio Game

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Chuck Martin Talks ND on Weekly TV Show

Chuck Martin Talks About Playing Notre Dame

Brian Kelly's Tuesday Media Session

Monday, September 25, 2017

ND Football: "Who We're Becoming..."

24 FBS Teams Remain Undefeated After Week 4

I found this quite surprising -- that only 24 teams remain undefeated out of the 129 FBS programs -- with about 1/3 of the college football season completed.

Based on this week's schedule -- at a minimum -- there will be 3 fewer undefeated teams come this time next week...


ESPN's FPI Ranking Has Notre Dame #10

Thought you'd like to see this...


Jeff Sagarin Has Notre Dame Ranked #11

Thought you'd want to see this...


Sunday, September 24, 2017

AP Voters -- Here's How They Ranked ND

Did some diving into the latest AP Rankings to see how media voters have ranked the Fighting Irish:

  1. Adam Jude -- The Seattle Times 
  2. Brent Axe -- Syracuse Media Group
  3. Dave Reardon -- Honolulu Star
  4. Dave Southorn -- Idaho Statesman
  5. Ed Daigenault -- Republican - American
  6. Garland Gillen -- Fox8 New Orleans
  7. Grace Raynor -- The Post and Courier
  8. Jeff Miller -- Orange County Register
  9.  Kellis Robinett -- Wichita Eagle
  10. Kirk Bohls -- Austin American Statesman
  11. Pat Dooley -- Gainesville Sun
  12. Robert Gagliardi -- Laramie Boomerang
  13. Ross Dellenger -- The Advocate
  14. Sammy Batten -- Fayetville Observer
  15. Scott Wolf -- Los Angeles Daily News
  16. Tom Murphy -- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

AP Poll -- Notre Dame Ranked #22

Well, the media did place Notre Dame in its TOP 25...


Coaches Poll -- WOW -- We're Not Ranked...

I guess playing a tough opening schedule -- means nothing.  Conference coaches are obviously banning together with their voting -- it's all about "conference playoff" money... 

Look who's ranked ahead of Notre Dame right now:
  • Florida State -- has 2 losses -- hasn't won a game this season
  • Mississippi State got beat by 28 to Georgia -- last night
  • There are 9 teams ranked ahead of ND with one loss or more


Dantonio & Players Talk 38 to 18 Loss to ND

Michigan State's Mark Dantonio and a number of Spartan players talks loss to Notre Dame...


How Do the Refs Miss This Call?

Was the replay official asleep? 

Move Over Dabo -- Dancin' Brian Kelly!

It wasn't pretty -- and I don't think Dancing With the Stars will be calling soon...  But, it's nice to see!

Kelly & Players Media Session: ND 38 - MSU 18

Fox Highlights: Notre Dame 38 - MSU 18

Instant Media Reaction: ND 38 - MSU 18

Here's what the media is saying just an hour after Notre Dame's convincing 38 - 18 win over the undefeated Spartans of Michigan State.

That's Shaun Crawford (in the photo above) with the "play of the year" so far for the Fighting Irish!




The Megaphone Trophy Returns to Notre Dame

Notre Dame is now 49 - 29 - 1 all-time against Michigan State -- after tonight's 38 - 18 victory!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

East Lansing Police Preps for the Heat Tonight!

Local Media Coverage of Notre Dame vs. MSU

Notre Dame Football Player Sam Bush...

A Story You Must Read...

Former Notre Dame hockey player Riley Sheahan (currently with the Detroit Red Wings) crossed paths with a wonderful man in Grand Rapids five years ago...

Just a FYI -- there are rumors that Riley could be traded to the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins -- any moment now -- which would reunite him with three former Notre Dame players; Bryan Rust, Ian Cole and Thomas DiPauli...


Friday, September 22, 2017

"We Are That Train..."

MSU Beat Writers Pick Winner of ND vs. MSU

Just took a quick little trip to the Lansing State Journal to see what they are saying about tomorrow's PRIME TIME game between our Fighting Irish and their Spartans...


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Brian Kelly's Last Media Session Before Sparty

Notre Dame Adds Two Dogs to Security Team

Their names are Toxi and Skeet -- and they are employees of the University of Notre Dame...


U.S. Presidents Singing the ND Victory March!

This is very clever...

The "Stories" Behind the "Fighting Irish" of ND

I find it rather ironic that the storyteller in this video is none other than a Brit by the name of Simon Whistler who lives in the Czech Republic...   Why would he think to tell this story?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

ND Practicing on Real Turf to get Ready for MSU

Domer Jarron Jones Now a Dallas Cowboy!

Former Notre Dame defensive tackle Jarron Jones -- turned NFL offensive tackle -- is now earning a pay-check from his THIRD NFL TEAM!

It was announced today that Jarron was signed by the Cowboys to their practice squad.

Jarron sure has picked up some frequent flyer miles in the process.  He started out playing for the New York Giants, he was released by the Giants at the end of Training Camps and was picked up by the Seattle Seahawks -- the Seahawks released him a week later and now Jarron is with the Cowboys...


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Brian Kelly Talks Michigan State Prep

Must Read: Georgia Alum Pens Opinion Piece...

Thought you'd enjoy reading this...


Dantonio & Players Talk Game with Notre Dame

ND Men's Soccer -- Ranked #1 in the Country!

Monday, September 18, 2017

BC's Addazio Still Talking About ND Game

His team plays Clemson this week and all the media wants to do is talk about their game with Notre Dame...

"My Other Team" is Ranked #2 in Division II

The Ferris State Bulldogs are currently ranked #2 in NCAA Division II football.  Love the creativity of their offensive play calling!

Kizer Meets with Media After Loss to Ravens

Sparty's Dantonio Talks Notre Dame Game

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Highlights: Notre Dame 49 - Boston College 20

Notre Dame Ranked #14 in ESPN's FPI Ranking


OT: You Must See This Field Goal!

DeShone Kizer -- Leading by Example...

Thought you'd enjoy reading this...


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Boston College Players Talk 49 - 20 Loss to ND

Addazio Talks 49 - 20 Loss to Notre Dame

Brian Kelly Talks ND's 49 - 20 Win over BC

500+ Yards Rushing -- Irish Runover BC!!!

America's Team Getting Ready this Morning!

The Fighting Irish had a little "shake out" this AM in a hotel parking lot...